Mustang "Chocolate Cruise" Sun 9/30 for my Grandaughter

Hi Guys,

Sunday I have a small Mustang Cruise for my Grandaughter planned through VT and NH.

I'm calling it the "Chocolate Cruise" since we are stopping at Burdicks in NH at the end.

She loves Mustangs and she wasn't able to make it to our last Cruise down in CT, so I made up an impromptu one up here.

You guys are welcome to come along if you like!

We're meeting 11am Sunday 9/30 at Basketville in Putney (1 mile from x4 off I-91 on Rt5 N - on the outside chance that somebody never heard of the place)

We're meeting in the upper parking lot.

She doesn't know that ANYBODY else is coming so it should be a big surprise even if there are just a few other cars.


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