mustang efi to carb


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Nov 30, 2009
i have an 86 GT converted to carb and cars runs good but when i give it hard on the gas it bogs goes no were. Im thinking it timing but i would set it at stock timing and it would do it bog bad i have advance the hell out of it to accelerate fine. lmk what could it be.
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Apr 23, 2004
The stock dist. from an EFI doesn't advance the same for a carb if you are still using it. (I think, I am not sure, please correct me if I am wrong) Try a run w/Out the vacuum hose.

Stock timing sux unless running spray. Put it around 14-15 at idle and see how that does and work from there.

Try to move up a hole on the pump cam and see if that helps. What size squirter and color cam do you have now and what size carb? Make sure your idle screws are almost all the way out and adjust the idle with the screws in the metering blocks. Start with all the way in and back out 3/4 turn on all 4 if you have 4 corner.