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Feb 9, 2003

- 331 stroker V8 (1978 302 block, Crane 331 kit)
- Crower "Power Beast" 218/224 hydraulic roller cam
- Hi-Performance 1966 289 Shelby heads
- Weiand 289 Street Tunnel Ram intake
- Dual Holley 390 cfm 4160 carburetors
- C4 w/shift kit & floor shifter
- Hedman full-length headers, 2 1/2" cut-outs, 2 1/4" pipes to turbo mufflers
- Limited Slip 3.50 rear
- Power windows

Exterior mods:

- John Deere Blitz Black paint w/ gloss Polar White racing stripes
- Hilborn scoop
- Factory T-Tops
- Chopped and Channeled '88 Mustang LX Spoiler
- Custom skull logo grille

Probably more, but I gotta run; the Pope just died.


Oh Heather Oh yeah... I want your pink taco
Jun 13, 2003
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Damn I need to get that film developed....Lots of progress on my II now. =D Blah minus the broken window!


Founding Member
Jan 26, 2002
Tucson, AZ
Hope you enjoy the super long post!

The order will be info about the car, followed by pics, followed by videos.

These are the same 'ol pics as before, but it's all I got for now. I'm working on a photo day with a car club I'm in, so soon I'll have some newer, nicer pics.

The car makes 341 rwhp, 415 ft/lbs, and I have ran a best of 12.593 @ 109.00 mph at Southwestern International Raceway in Tucson.
Here is an older dyno chart where I made just slightly lower #'s.

Here are some specs on the car.
• 351w block, bored and stroked to 393ci
• Forged 3.85” SCAT crank, JE SRP pistons, h-beam rods
• Canfield aluminum cylinder heads (2.02/1.60)
• 1.6 ratio roller rockers
• Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap intake (1500-6500rpm)
• Holley 650 CFM 4 Barrel Carburetor (with Proform main body)
• Compcams XE274H cam (1800-6000 rpm range)
• Ron Davis universal aluminum radiator
• Moroso 7 quart oil pan
• MSD 6AL ignition, MSD Blaster 2 coil, MSD billet distributor
• Hooker headers: 1 5/8" primaries, 3" collectors
• 3" exhaust system, Magnaflow mufflers, high flow catalytic converters, and x-pipe.
• SN95 T5 transmission, MGW short throw shifter
• 3.55:1 limited slip rear end
Nose shot:

Front corner:


Rear corner:


Ready for a trip to the dragstrip (Don't worry, it doesn't sit like that anymore):


Engine bay:

Couple pictures from a local car show:

So, now we're onto the videos.

My 12.593 @ 109.00 mph run.

Giving my tires a nice big burnout to make them hook

Slowmo of my car's baby wheelie

Even slower-mo of my car's mini wheelie.


New Member
Aug 29, 2004
hey pepsi freak, leave the lady alone. there is nothing wrong with her pics.
just 'cause you got a couple chicks to pose for you doesn't make you anybody's critic.
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