Mustang Mania 4 Cruise April 19 2008


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Nov 4, 2006
Hello guys,

Just wanted to pass along info about our spring Mustang cruise on 4/19/08. All Mustang are welcome as long as they are clean ha ha. Over the last 2 cruises we have had 145 Mustangs with us and were featured in the Baltimore Sun news paper last year. Starts at 9am and goes to around 4pm. $10 registration fee, lunch is included. No egos, no attitudes, just good clean fun with some nice guys/girls.

Some vid clips of prior cruises below. Hope some of you are able to make it with us.
Thanks guys

email for more information is [email protected]

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If I didn't have a prior engagement that day, I'd love to join in on the cruise!
I know who the owner of the red with black BOSS striped Stang on the right is(or at least the owner of a car just like that!!!!!