Mustangs Across America


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Mar 30, 2005
Anyone planning to travel in April 2009 with Mustangs Across America from Las Vegas, Nevada to the Mustang 45th anniversary show in Alabama?
The route will cover much of Route 66 as possible. Sounds like a great trip and a great way to see much of the country.
I am interested if I can get away for that long in April. (I teach at a university and April is a busy month. The Mustang's anniversary is in April, though, so that's the way it is).
Sounds like the trip of a lifetime. The trip will be completed in five days. Of course, you have to get to Las Vegas first. I am in Kentucky and would then have to return home from Alabama after the big show there by the Mustang Club of America.
Gosh, can I phone in sick for that many days. And how would I explain the big smile on my face when I return???
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start with the upper hole, and if more traction is
May 1, 2005
7200 feet
i have thought about it. i would love to do it, but will have to see how it goes when we closer to that date. many things could change. (for better or worse.)

looks like a great time.