My 1st From Grand Rapids, Mi

Have to say Thanks to all of the members that actively post here. Made my choice on a 2010 Mustang GT a very easy one. Prior to my purchase a few weeks ago I used this forum ( and a few others ) to get the real scoop on these wonderful cars. Now that I own one I look forward to actually being a part of the conversation.

I bought a 2010 Mustang GT Premium Candy Red Mettalic with 50k even on the dash. I’ve been able to drive it three times since purchase ( due to weather ) and love it! Feel like I’m going nuts waiting on the weather to finally break. I live in Grand Rapids, MI and work for a company that builds automated conveying systems, automated fork vehicles, and storage retrieval machines. I’ve got two kids both a boy & a girl 13 & 14. I have owned for the past 3 years a 2005 Ford Police Interceptor which I also love. Grew up in Chicago and still visit the city as much as possible.

Right Now I have a limited budget but I do have a few mods planned.:

Custom Tune

Plasti-Dip Rims

Window Tint

Led Map Lights

Led License Plate Lights

It’s a start!
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