My car clunks over bumps....make it stop?


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Mar 7, 2002
Cape Cod, MA
Ever since my tt install my car has been making a clunking noise as it goes over small bumps. it in the front, and is both front tires. Its a mettalic clunk.

It makes me mad because i bought brand new upr cc plates and i think it may be them.....there is a tiny amount of up/down play in the sperical bushing, but i dont know if its enough to caush that much clunkage. has anyone used upr cc plates?!
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mine makes it but thats because the stock front drivers side spring broke. it doesnt look or drive much different but i took it into a firestone, they said nothing was wrong with it then i took the manager over some speed pumps (that side only) he put it back up on the lift and it turned out that the first coil on the bottom side broke.
so thats what happened to my car when it made that noise.
My D&D CC plate on the drivers side was doing this too. I realized that if I clocked the strut it went away so I took a piece of wire and clocked the strut through the slot in the top of the strut.

try rotating the tops of the struts and see if it goes away. if ti does there is always clocking the struts or maybe even grease will help out.

But that is a horrible sound on some roads isn't it?
Mine is clunking. I just changed out my struts, front control arm bushings and went with a H&R spring set up. I did this hoping to solve the problem. Well it still clunks, not as bad, but something is not right. I also installed cc plates. Tommorrow I will recheck all my body bolts. I think that maybe The K member has a loose bolt or something. I even thought about blaming the H-pipe, But I rather find out the problem before i replace more parts.
I had upr's CC plates and I had the same thing. Called them and got a new set, haven't installed yet, but they are redesigned from the other ones, there was .025 play in the bushing, I measured with a dial. I replaced my entire front suspension and all of a sudden had this cluck sound, and its a horrible thing to hear. I'm also willing to bet that its not the plates, but how I tightened them, I used an impact gun, but stopped as soon as the strut rotated. you need a crows foot with a torque wrench to get the proper 60ftlbs. it seems this is a common mistake thats made.

btw, the newer plates have a gap between the bushing housing and the plate itself, looks to retain the bushing better
I get the same problem. I was assuming it was related to the rear sway bar because mine broke not too long ago and i welded it back together and put it back on. Although, when i put it on i was missing one of those little braces so i used a washer and bolt as a substitute. (Idk if that makes a difference)

I guess i'll check the sway-bar links as some of you have advised. When checking those, what will i be looking for? I guess i'll just check for loosness around the spot where the sway bar meets the ctrl arms... i'm assuming thats where the links are.