My first time at the track!


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Jun 13, 2003
My boyf and I went to the track last night to get my "pre cam" numbers. They were...uh lower then expected. :( But thats okay, because you know why? I had ALOT of fun driving my car! So heres how it did, on the first run my boyf raced it and got a 16.7 at 82 mph. He said it didn't hook up good at all. Then on my first run I got a 17.3 at 79 mph. It was my first time ever on a drag strip and my car spun out bad on the line. My 2nd run I did a 17.6 at 81 mph, I spun out bad at the line again and I tried to recover it by letting off and that didnt help much either. What makes me feel better... a fox body I went against the first time only ran a 15.3, and the newer GT I raced the second time ran a 15.5 I learned 15's aren't so bad after all, and 14's? Well those are just coveted :p
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Your right, as long as you have fun thats what counts. I remember taking my mercury bobcat to the track for street night and blasting through the top end with a whooping 21 sec run. lol.
well I have to simpathize with you I have never had mine at the track.

All know is it's fast wink wink nod nod and if people ask oh heck yeah and it's pushing 300 hp Too. always had excuses like when I get my new tranny I'll and when it get my posi I'll go. Now I have both of those but I sold my helmet with my motorcycle looooooooooong ago . so I gues I'll never know and but the guys at work started a tuesday night races winner get his entry fee paid and bragging rights but I had lost my driving privileges on base :spot: (speeding) so I couldn't make it there. Everything is good to go now so I'll get there soon wish me luck
One thing I've learned over the years is if the person you're talking to hasn't got authenticated timming slips and he's telling you haow fast his ride is you can probably add about 2 seconds to any time they tell you.
I remember a 57 Chev that user to run locally [off track night races] and all his buddies said it ran 9's, to his credit he never said. He could beat just about anything that was driven in. Damn fast car. Well we got it to the drag strip and it ran consistant mid elevens...Damn fast car. This was a car that could be entered into a car show and com away with awards. Beautiful, all steel Belair red 2dr Hardtop w/ full interior [red over white]including am/fm cassette. Oh and it was a 4spd car that made 5 or 6 runs within .10. He was a master with the gears.
The mid 15's that the others ran are about right from what I've seen.
Probably the biggest change you can make to any of our cars is rear end ratio and work real hard on getting the power to the ground.
Reasonable cam, increase in carburation and some exhaust work; you will probably be surprised.
The only thing that I would caution you on is excesses in the selection of a cam or carb.

Have fun :spot:
I always thought my 95 GT was on the slow side, I had an 85 GT with a 393 and that car was wicked fast compared to my 95. I finally gave in last summer and ran my 95. 14.4@ 98 MPH...and I spun ALL the way through first gear with stock 3.27's that was my first run, second run 14.2@99 MPH spinning again. Last run i feathered the clutch on launch and low and behold almost no spin and a 13.6@101 MPH. My reaction time got much better too, from a .820 on first run down to a .600 last run I have 4.10's ready to go in and some sticky drag radials looking for 12's before the summer is over.

PS... anyone wants to see pictures of the 95 I just had it painted purple and white
It's fun, no matter what you run. I was happy when I was running mid-high 15s in my 302. I'm suprising people now running low 13s. I plan to do a few more things and I want to get 12s on street tires, that's my goal now, and it's easily attainable.

Just keep practicing, that's the best thing you can do. Is your car posi or no? Non-posi was tough for me with the 302.