My hood struts are installed!


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Nov 20, 2000
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I thought I'd share this with you guys. I finally got around to installing my new hood struts to replace the factory prop rod.

New hood struts are from Redline Tuning :nice:

They installed perfectly on my Steeda hood even though I was worried about the fiberglass not holding. The only problem I ran into was the driver's strut was stuck and needed to be lubricated. So at first I thought the struts weren't going to work with my lightweight hood. But I took the strut off and pushed into the ground a few times (it was very tight) and now it's fine.

I can't stress enough how nice it is not to worry about knocking that prop rod down. I don't know how many times I bumped that damn thing when I was working under the hood and paused a second to make sure it wasn't coming down on my head.

I can't figure out why Ford didn't do this all along. :rolleyes:



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That looks great.

We were discussing doing that to our Mach 1s, but someone said they researched the idea and said it would cause the middle of the hood to warp. They said the prop was designed so that the hood would be supported at the correct spot.

I sure would like to add them to my Mach 1 and will continue to look for anyone that has done it.

Let us know if you have any problems in the long run.
Honestly I dont see how the hood could warp. The struts merely just give the hood something to lean on. The only stress on the outside of teh hood comes from the raising/lowering of the hood. And it moves very freely. It's not like I'm forcing it down or up. It moves on it's own almost.

There are many other vehicles out there with factory hood struts of the same type. They don't see warpage so I think this is a big myth.

But again, I don't have physical proof, but the physics just aren't there to put that kind of strain on the hood. :shrug:
I installed the identical Redline Tuning kit on my '03 GT last summer. Fit and works perfectly, plus is much more secure than the dumb prop rod pulled from Henry Ford's 1940-vintage parts bit. Better yet, the price for the entire kit was less than the cost of two similar replacement stuts at Autozone.

There is one important prerequisite to a successful installation not mentioned in the Redline instuctions. Several who post to this Board have reported hoods. like mine, that have to be dropped 30" to close. This won't work with the struts installed, so the hood striker bracket has to be shimmed first so the hood can be closed easily, like most other cars. I used two plastic (no rust) shims cut from a VCR tape storage box, then painted the body color. Now I can lower the hood gently and latch it securely with just a slight push.
"Any clearance issues or noise rattle against the frame of the car?"

None whatsoever with the stock hood.
I was concerned about the back of the hood brackets flexing and wearing the paint on the inside of the hood at the strut mounting locations, so I added thin self-adhesive rubber bumpers to the back of the brackets before riveting them in place.
I also painted my brackets in advance to match the color of the car (mask the strut sockets first).
Looks nice. I use a craftsman flatblade screwdriver and just wedge the screwdriver in where the hood hinges bolt in. It gets the hood almost completely verticle and locks itself into place so you don't have to worry bout a skint nogging.

I'll get a new hood on down the road and i'll probbaly get these for a more professional look though.
There was a group purchase on hood shocks awhile ago on svtperformance. Those required bolts on hood instead of rivets. Some people used a rivet that is a threaded stud to use bolts. Great looking and nice change.