my magnaflow won't fit. please help!!!!!!!!!!!

help me

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Apr 2, 2010
i just got a magnaflow full catback exhaust system the drivers side went on perfect but the passengers side will not go on, there is a small bracket that appears to be holding brake lines and the pipe will not fit on rite if i can get it on the back end of the pipe is way off and the muffler is hanging down 3 inches but thats the only way it fits. i called magnaflow and they had no clue what was wrong. please help. btw im talking about the pipe that connects the cats to the muffler and im trying to put it on a mustang cobra svt.
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Well man, I just bought a magnapack catback, so if I run into that snag I will give you my input. Right now my flowmasters dont hang low at all. Is it possible the pipe is too short and the muffler isnt far enough back to fit in the little space under the rear seat? You could have a muffler shop cut you a custom fit piece to get it right, and I bet it wouldnt be more than $30-50... What ever the problem is, a muffler shop could fix it for next to nothing I bet.