my opinions on mac offroad h pipe


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Sep 6, 2006
ii finally finished my exhaust, i matched my mac catback with their offroad H pipe, the quality was ok concidering it was just aluminized piping and not stainless. not macs fault just the piping, welds were top notch. Installing it was a breeze, the only issue that pissed me off was after bolting it all up i went to plug in the drivers side front o2 sensor and it wasnt long enough. the sensor bung was moved down further than the factory location. i had to extend the wires. pretty simple job but took some time. kinda annoying. dont know if anyone else ran into that problem or not to.
but the sound is amazing. very deep and throaty.
this post was probably pointless just wanted to give my opinion
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Yep. I have stock manifolds, off road BBK H-pipe and MAC catback. I bought o2 extenders for 35 dollars instead of cutting and splicing. And yes, the sound is amazing!!! Loud, and intimidating.
You're not kidding. My 2001 donor car I took the motor out of had MAC L/T's MAC Pro Chamber, and MAC cat-back. It was quiet,very quiet.

I put the motor in my notch, with stock manifolds, BBK H pipe and the same MAC CATBACK off the 2001, and it is WAAAYY louder.
i might have an exhaust leak. havent brought it to work yet to put it on the lift. istarting off to about 2k has a weird sound. not sure if its just the slight raspy sound you will get without the cats or an exhaust leak.