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Jul 27, 2004
Austin, TX
Ok, so my car is in fairly decent shape; its pretty reliable, it has a new rebuilt transmission, nice tires, nice interior... fairly nice cosmetic work if you don't count the front right bumper. (Someone parked to close to me and i had to show them whats up)

The only thing that hasn't been touched sence the cars birth is its suspension. I had the rear sway bar snap on me about a year ago and i just welded it up and stuck it back under there... works like a charm.

Other than the sway bar the suspension, although old, hasn't really given me any problems untill now. Every once in a while when i start driving from a stop...wether its a stop sign or stop light, whatever, the car lets out a little squeak... i'm assuming this is the suspension and am praying its not at all related to the tranny i just put in it; this doesn't effect the quality of the drive but is a tad embaressing.

So, stangnet members, with a couple hundred dollar budget... what parts of my suspension should i replace? I've been hearing i should get some new control arms under there, i'm sure i could use some new shocks and springs as well. But as i said, i have a budget, so what do y'all think is the most important suspension part that should be replaced first? Or rather, what would make the biggest difference for the money?

Thanks guys, sorry for rambling :)
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I had those on one of my old cars. They're pretty decent for the price and look good.



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