My track times good or bad?

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ET seems pretty good, trap is really good. Heck you out trapped me, but its odd I did the 1/8 in 8.69 @ 80.86, the 1/4 in 13.58 @ 100.29. My 1/8 trap was higher, but my 1/4 trap was way lower LOL. We did have a 20-25MPH head wind though. BTW I pulled a 1.909 60' on my very first pass on the 285s with a 3200RPM launch. So I say that you should work on the launch.
I agree with HotMustang, you're 60' seems a little high considering 4.10's and your other mods.. Are you spinning off the line? You could probably improve by a few tenths, not that I could do better :p .
Yeah it spun pretty bad so drag radials are the next thing on my list of things to get. I just bought two 16 inch wheels off of a '94 gt so i'm just gonna buy some for those wheels and just chage them at the track.
eric88gt said:
I've actully been thinking about getting some of those new mickey thompson drag radials. Anybody got any opinions on those or heard anything good or bad about them?
Drag radials? You mean the ET Streets? I assure you those are in no way radial :rolleyes: . They're basically slicks with a couple lines to make them DOT legal. I'm sure they hook extremely well.
eric88gt said:
Well I'll only be using them at the track because i have two seperate wheels just for them so i'm not real concerned with how long they will last just how good they hook.

from what i've been seeing(and hearing) the new et streets are much better than the nittos!
eric88gt said:
r/t= .340 60'= 2.09 330= 5.89 1/8= 8.95 @80.6 1000ft= 11.57 1/4 = 13.78 @102.30. I'm in northern Minnesota btw

go get the weather info from that night. you had a ok 60 foot and your MPH is where it should be. but your ET is a little off. i bet your upshifts are a little slow. or your not powershifting at all. and a tin bit harder out of the hole and you will get a 13.5 or so.