My TwECCer is In FMU yes or no?

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You may not need it anymore because u should be able to tune aronud it, buti would wait until you can get on a dyno and tune it be cause its hard to tell exactly what the fuel table changes u make are going to do, especially on a blown motor.
Pretty consistent answers thanks. The only problem is that I don't have a dyno shop close by that's why I bought the TwEECer and a PLX WB O2 kit. You think I can do it without having it dynoed?
The biggest thing is the wideband, check out the tweecer forums to see what people shoot for with a boosted combo for your fuel and timing starting points (remember start rich/soft) and go for a datalogging base tune ride. If you already have the wideband the dyno is realy only good to see which tune makes more power. Otherwise the road is now your dyno and will be more accurate as you can check your fuel and timing at diff. loads/driving conditions.
Just a couple of thoughts about your combo.

I'm gonna say you should keep the fmu.

Those 24's are too small to support a blown combo without help.

Looking at your sig I see a boost a pump which is also being used to help the 24's.

Then I see you have a small shot of NO2 which needs fuel supplied by those same 24's.

Heck, a strong na combo can push 24's to or very close to the limit so I'm trying to point out that even with the fmu & boost a pump......your asking a lot from those 24's.

The Tweecer is great for tuning but if your combo is asking for more air or fuel, the Tweecer can't do anything for you.

The most consistent way to setup a fuel system for a blown combo is ...... plenty of volume and sufficient size inj working at stock fuel pressure. Look at how Ford did it with their blown combos.

Most Pro Tuners will go with big pumps and big inj's as opposed to the inflated fuel pressure method to make small inj's look larger.

I'd start making plans for:
1 255 in tank pump
2 42lb inj's

Then you and the Tweecer will be able to go forward with consistent and safe relusts for your blown combo.

Thanks Grady. I figured that at one point I needed to upgrade the fuel delivery system, but I wanted to wait until I upgraded the internals. Maybe I should go for the bigger Inj and fp now. BTW, what would be your guess at the HP with the combo I currently have?
I'm not that good at guessing rwhp for forced combos.

I think I saw one of the KB guys say a large tb was important when using a KB and if that is correct your stocker could be holding you back a bit.

I'd still get more fuel as a first priority even without the N2O.

At first I did not see the post where you said you got a wb. What does it look like from say mid to max rpm with your current setup?

once you get the WB setup, and you start datalogging it, you will know if you need bigger injectors. If the a/f ratio is still too high, and you are running your injectors over 85% duty cycle, it's time.