Electrical Mystery spliced fuse at Ignition Switch


Oct 25, 2005
Been forever, but finally have my fox back and starting to restore. Car has been sitting for quite a bit, did a few things and sure enough got her to fire up :). Came back that night to try again, nothing. Power acting funky and remembered back in the day reading posts about the ignition switch.

Found the good ol ignition switch coming apart. Will pick one up tomorrow. Looking at the ignition switch I noticed an inline fuse spliced into the second large yellow wire. It's a 20 amp fuse with a red wire. The fuse was blown. Couldn't really tell where the spliced wire goes from there.

Any ideas what this could be? I don't know how long it has been blown, but do I even attempt to put in a new fuse? I guess I can try taking more of the dash apart to see its destination.


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Someone installed something in the past that needed a switched 12V source. 20 amps is too high a rating for gauges, so I would agree with the alarm assessments.