NED on wed. June 1st

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I was there the week before they closed down for resurfacing and I can tell ya if the car runs faster than allowed without proper safety equipment ,they will throw you out. I got escorted off the track and to the gate and have been suspended for thirty days. I understand there point for safety, but I think they went to the extreme. They are behind the 8 ball this year financialy but yet taking these kind of actions. There has been a whole :taco:h of disapointed people about various things, and people are getting pissed.


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Apr 27, 2002
Im thinking of maybe going on friday since Im going to be in N.H that morn anyway. Just that Id have to hang around there all day until the track did open so Im not sure yet.

Mr GT 02

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Apr 8, 2004
Peabody, MA
cold96snake said:
That includes the ferry boat ride. If everything goes right, we're gonna have a little island grudge match. There's a stock '98 ss and a '99 stock c-5 going w/ me. I plan on dusting those ls-1s. :D
Dayuuuum A ferry boat ride to get there to??? j/p

U must be on the borderline of