Need advice about where to get my car tuned in USA?


New Member
Apr 4, 2005
Hi there. I have a 95 SC gt mustang and I want more power... I am thinking about shipping the car To USA and get it modified there. What shop would U recomend? I am thinking about this because if I ship the car to USA and back to iceland again I wont have to pay the tollservice for the new parts.... Cus If I buy something for lets say 10000$ I have to pay another 10000$ to get it into iceland... So If you buy something for 10k I have to pay 20k for the same thing........ So it only costs around 3500 to have the car shipped both ways so It would save me alot of money... What shop would you recomend for MUstang tuning and parts? Thinking about 347 stroker and 6spd gearbox... Let me know
Thanks sverrir karlsson iceland
sorry about my english ;)
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