Need Advice For S550 Tires


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Apr 23, 2018
I have a 2017 GT and am daily driving it. I had an SUV but decided to sell so the GT will also be my DD in the winter. I live near Philly so winter means one day it's dry, the next we have 3-5 inches on the ground, followed by a week of slush. I'm trying to decide if I should get a dedicated set of winter wheels and tires or if I should put really good all-season on my current wheels and use them year-long. Currently, I have the Pirelli Nero Zero on the 19" blackout package wheels and I'm underwhelmed by them in the summer, so I know they aren't going to be my favorite things come winter time. Can anyone recommend solid all-season tires that would do the job or am I better off with a dedicated set? Thanks in adavance!
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Jan 11, 2007
Michelin Pilot Sport AS - 3s will make it work well year round. Also, you can buy two rims and have them fitted with Michelin Ice 3s. put them on the rear, and you will have no trouble going forward up until ground clearance is used up. I did this with my 2006 GT and plan to follow this with my new 2018. The hard part is trying to get tire dealers to sell you only two tires. Take the two winter rims to the tirer dealer, have the tires installed, and put the two rear wheels on yourself at first snow.
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Apr 15, 1999
Bloomfield, CT
I had Prielli Sotozero winter tires on my Chrysler Crossfire. They were amazing - they did't last a long time but really grabbed in snow. I'm planning on getting Bridgestone Potenza RE 980 AS for my "Winter" tires to replace my Performance Pack tires. I'll drive my Nissan Frontier when it actually snows.