Need guage help quick please!!!!


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Nov 25, 2003
i am puting on a autometer water pump guage on as i type (electrical) and the back light works great. just about to make my final connections but my last wire says connect to the ignition. but there are so many wires on it and i dont want to mess with it cause it works great and the car is a antique (LOL 79 rabbit) is there any other place i can put this wire? (i already have the guage backlight installed on the head light fuse) what does this wire do??????? thanks guys!!!!
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You can put it on any wire that would only have juice going to it if it were turned on. Get a test a pick out a few wires then test them with the car off then with the car turned on. ( not necc turned on but the key turned all the way with out actually kicking over) Which ever wire gets juice when you have it like that you can use