Need Help ASAP!!! 4v knowledge people!!!

I was getting ready to do my t-stat and coolant flush on my 03 Mach1 and cant get the bleeder valve to move with a 1/4" ratchet put in the hole. As a matter of fact I have already snapped one off in the hole and had to dig the tip out!!! :bang: :bang:

I need to get this out before morning because I have a trip to go on.

1. what do you use to get this thing out?
2. is it always this rough to get out?
3. what does it look like once it is out...a cap or a bleeder valve?
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I have never seen one of those stick at all let alone stick that bad. try a 1/4 adapter a good quality one on a 3/8 breaker bar.. But I do have to warn you, if it's rusted up and stuck that bad you my break the tube itself.

Thank you for responding. I have gotten it off with a pair of needle nose vise grips. :nonono: Someone on another forum posted a pic of it so I could see what I was dealling with. Also from the that thread on that site I found out that this is common and even shops have left pieces of 1/4" drives in it when they couldnt get it off and thus causing the car to overheat due to an airpocket.

the common cuers listed there..

1. new cap and use an impact drill w/ 1/4" bit
2. weld a nut to the top of the fitting
3. vise grips
4. cool everything off and then heat up the pipe it fits into with a torch so it expands

I think I will take option 1 since I have a 1/4" impact drill.
It's very common for those to stick. We have had problems with every single Mach 1 that's come into the shop. We have found some luck using CRC freeze off and needle nose pliers to get down in there. That 1/4" drive wasn't too bright on Ford's part.:)