Need Help ASAP

yeah well im new to mustangs as well as here but i just bought an 86 gt 5.0 with some work and my battery keeps dying.. i changed my starter and my starter solenoid , then it worked fine for about 4 days,and then i let it sit one day and the battery was dead lost, where should i start lookin to fix this because im getting so mad....thanks for the help...Tim
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Your alternator may be the culprit. If it has an internal short, it could be draining the system when the key is off.

Of course...what other stuff do you have on the car that might be draining the battery when the key is off? Aftermarket alarm? Stereo equipment?

Also, have a look at the ignition switch. If you're not sure of the car's history, go ahead and replace it. They are known to be a problem...shorting...sometimes fires.

Good luck!!
This may sound crazy, but try the simple stuff first. I had a VERY similar problem recently. Took off my alt. and had it checked twice, put on a new belt, replaced my battery and still had it checked and charged twice. As it turns out, it appears to have been the courtesy lights on my passenger visor vanity mirror. The flap wasn't closing securely enough and the lights were staying on. Got that taken care of, and haven't had a problem for several days now. I feel your pain--good luck!