Need help, car running a little rough

Hey guys, the other day when i was going to work, i started the car, put it in reverse (AODE) and started backing out, car stalled, restarted no problem.. on my way to work, the check engine light came on, and the transmission was shifting really late. It would get to the shift point, and then it would hesitate before shifting. Also noticed when i got to work and put the car in park, the RPMs shot up to 1500 and stayed there, when in drive it idles at 1000... any guesses as to whats wrong?
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First thing you'll need to do is pull codes, to see if anything comes up. Not sure why your transmission would be affected by what sound like an engine issue, but since the AODE is controlled by the EEC, I could see there being some correlation between the two. Start with the codes and see what the results from that are, because anything else would pretty much be a guess at this point, and probably wasted money on your end.