Need help getting a Maximum Motorsports sustpension kit


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Jun 29, 2001
Norwalk, CT
Hey Guys,

Im not sure if this counts as a wanted classified, As I am only looking at prices now, but moderators you can move it, if you want.

I am looking to buy the Maximum Motorsports Road and Track kit for my 01 Mustang GT hardtop. The only thing is, is that I have exactly $2000 dollars to play with. That is the absolute maximum I want to spend this year on toys for my car.

the problem is that the kit is $2300 to $2500 depending on various websites. then on top of that there is a $150 or so charge for shipping. SO at the most I am looking to spend 2450 to 2650 on parts.

my question (and I am probabbly really reaching here) is there a place where I can get the kit for $2000 including shipping (OR FREE SHIPPING)? maybe with the use of coupon codes or other online sales?

PM me if you have any information.

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Dec 21, 2004
Stafford VA
I have hardly seen MM stuff for sale anywhere with the exception of MM themselves. Maybe the caster camber plates because they are so popular, but you probably arent going to find the whole kit.

Maybe try calling MM and proposing that you're trying to make it work and you'll make the deal with free shipping? You never know.