Need Help Picking Mods

Ok I'm going to do some more mods starting this weekend. What I want to do is the following:

Steeda UD Pulleys
Comp Cam EX262AH
LT Headers
Matching O/R H-Pipe
4.30 Gears
New Oil Pan (mine has a dent in it)

I broke them up into two groups, one group being:

1) Steeda UD, New Oil Pan & Cams

second group is:

2) LT Headers, H-Pipe & Gears

I'll need a tune for both groups. What group would you do first?

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artificial HP said:
Group'll want the gears/ LTs for when you get the cams installed. Depending on how far apart you spread them you can get away without a tune for your second group.

agreed, group 2 for sure. you can get away without a tune with 2. & they are a good "prep" mod for the cams :nice:
reddrgn01gt said:
Guys he will need a tune with the auto and the gears correct me if I am wrong. I plan on getting 4.10s and the diablosport predator sometime in the future.

you don't "need" it. it's nothing a excalibrator or predetor can't take care of. nothing wrong with a tune, or a custom burn chip. it's just not necessarily needed at that point. now if the dyno place will give you a break on a re-tune when ya do it, go for it :nice: