need help- window regulator install

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have you taken off the door panel and looked at it? :shrug:

i know this isn't what you were asking for but it might help. alot of the time it's easy to replace electrical parts, a few screws holding it in and a connecter or two.
This isn't an easy job to do. I'll tell you that much. The window regulator is what pushes the window physically up and down and its secured behind a series of metal framework in the door. To remove it, you're going to have to dismantle most of the inner door to get it out. If you've not done this before or have no idea what you're doing, I'de leave it up to a professional. I know, I have the same problem w/ my passengers side window. I'm taking it to the dealership Tuesday. Not saying it can't be done on your own as I'm sure it can. I just don't want to risk it myself.