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Nov 25, 2019

I'm new to the forum so go easy on me. Just wanted some input from someone who knows more than me.

Ok so here's a bit history on the car what I know so far. It a 92 fox body 5.0 originally an Automatic converted to a 5 speed. I believe it has a T5 in it now. The car ever since I bought it from the owner has always had a stiff clutch was fairly hard to push in the pedal in, but was manageable to drive. Recently it started to get really hard to put into first gear as the transmission got hotter. Then one day driving I felt the pedal get softer felt like a honda clutch. So I suspected that my cable maybe needed adjustment. So the previous owner had installed a aftermarket firewall adjuster and dual fork clutch pedal quadrant assembly. So I went an adjusted the fire wall adjuster to see if maybe i needed to give more tension to the cable so that the clutch will disengage and give smoother shifts. Well it did for like 5 mins then the clutch cable snapped and I had to tow it home.

Ok so here's the problem I installed the new BBk cable which was a bit longer than the one in the car. Went through all the steps to putting back to make it functional. Now my clutch is super super hard harder than before to the point that I feel like something is really wrong and might snap or break. I thought it was an after market cable thing because I've read that sometimes they might be stiff but not like this. I adjusted it from the firewall adjuster as well as at the bottom of the bell housing. The car goes into gear smoothly and shifts relatively smoothly, but to de press the clutch is ridiculously hard. I also here creaking coming from the pedal everytime I press it. I went under the dash to see what's going on and from what I can see it looks like the cable is rubbing on the fire adjuster. I can even see the firewall flex where the adjuster is everytime I push in the clutch. I'm all out of ideas and can really use some of your guys help.

I've attached some photos to maybe help.


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The noise comes from under the dash. I believe it's the firewall flexing that's making the noise or the clutch cable rubbing on the firewall adjuster. As for the clutch I really dont have any idea.
I had a BBK cable way back over 15 years ago. It broke shortly after I installed it. I also had a Centerforce clutch and that combo seemed very stiff. Maybe try another brand cable like Ford Motorsport or Steeda.
The sleeve (it has a name but it escapes me now) that the throw out bearing rides on which partially covers the transmission input shaft may be gouged or scored which can cause binding. If it is I believe a steel replacement is available.

It's time to pull the trans and look at it and the clutch assembly. My friend has a 92 also that I believe was an aod converted car and his clutch was also very hard to push. I always felt something was misaligned to cause that. The motorsport clutch is stiffer than stock and the king cobra even more so.

As my car is all stock with no major power adders planned, I'm going with a stock clutch when I do mine. Good luck
Another strange fact about my car that's unbelievable. Everyone knows I'm not a small fellow. Working under the dash of a Fox is terrible for me. I have to remove the seat always and the steering wheel sometimes. That said, in 1989 I sent my skinny brother in there to remove the factory clutch cable adjuster and install the aluminum quadrant. He also hooked up the new adjustable clutch cable to the quadrant. Back then there weren't multiple options for cables and quadrants. I don't even remember the brand I used. Here's the crazy part. I've never replaced it. Y'all would just have to know me locally. The car was street raced 4 or 5 times almost every weekend. I also ran all the Fun Ford Weekend races back then....all over the south. Hundreds and hundred of passes. I may have gotten the best cable there ever was. It's starting to fail now but, dang. I hear so many stories about cables not lasting. This one has been thru 249k miles on the original motor then two built engines and finally this stock rebuild I did a few years ago. Almost 400k. I think I'll bronze it one day! :D
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I had a new clutch put in last year. Went with a McLeod Street Pro. It’s nothing too grabby and my pedal pressure increased pretty substantially. It has settled out some, but not that much. It’s made me consider trying a different cable, as I’m not convinced the feeling is all in the new clutch. I have a BBK right now as well. I’m sure the MM is pretty pricey, but is it worth it? I’ve never been in love with the clutch feel of this car, and I’ve driven a number of non-hydraulic clutch equipped cars.
I've got a box full of all kinds used clutch cables, from Steeda to Ford racing, big waste of money. Just recently installed the Maximum Motorsports and the difference is mind blowing...a completely different driving experience.
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Steeda is NOT a waste of money. Trust me, if they were, I'd have no problem throwing them under the bus with all the others. I went to MM, and got super-pissed when my shop "lost" it, and replaced it with a Steeda. After driving it for years, it has not proven to be the slightest problem. I have a Steeda in one car and an MM in the other.
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Steeda is NOT a waste of money. Trust me, if they were, I'd have no problem throwing them under the bus with all the others. I went to MM, and got super-pissed when my shop "lost" it, and replaced it with a Steeda. After driving it for years, it has not proven to be the slightest problem. I have a Steeda in one car and an MM in the other.
Thanks for posting that reply, I appreciate it. I just bought a Steeda adjustable cable for my car, and was hoping in it waste my money. It seems to be decent quality so I guess I'll find out thanks
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No worries, man. I was the guy chatting with you in the other thread about the firewall adjusters, quadrants, and cables. Don't fret. I didn't steer you wrong. I've been at this fox game since I was 15 (22 years). I've got a Steeda Cable on an $8k drivetrain right now, despite the fact that I have a spare MM and a spare Steeda in a box on the shelf (I like having extra stuff). If I thought the MM cable was noticeably better, it would be on the car. In fact, I think the range of adjustability of the Steeda is an overall advantage, without any drawbacks. The only thing I like more about the MM is the dust boot. It may last longer. Perhaps the Steeda will wear out before the MM will, but if that's the case, it hasn't come up yet in the 10-ish years I've had it on the car. It's been in there for my spec Stage 3+ clutch with a very heavy pedal and no stretching, and it hasn't been an issue with my current twin-disc setup. When you install it, just be sure to make the bend in the cable as gradual as possible and keep it as far from the headers as possible, too (as with any cable install).
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