Need help with harmonic balancer for 351W

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The timing tape mentioned is the cheapest solution, but I could never get it to stick for long.

A 69' 351w balancer is correct for a passenger side water pump. It will have a 3 bolt balancer pulley. In 70, Ford moved the water pump timing marks to the passenger side on most vehicles.

You could also use a pre 70' 289/302 balancer.

I got my early balancer from Summit--Pioneer #872008. If you are using the early pulleys, you should make sure that they match the balancer. Some have "inny" center hubs that should match the balancer. Summit carries them to under a slightly different part #. Summit also carries balancers with timing marks in multiple locations and made for multiple pulley types, kind of a one balancer fits all solution. Just make sure that what every you get has 28oz imbalance.
I'm using a Pro Products balancer on mine and it has multiple sets of timing marks on it, so you can use it on pre-69 and post-70 motors. Paid around $60 on ebay and it is spot on.