Need Help...

Ok thought i had it figured out...getting 3.73 gears installed thursday and was also getting a 100hp shot of nitrous installed same of course friend saying dont do the NOS...other option would be to do complete exhaust...headers and x-pipe instead of the NOS...eventually want to get everything done...what does everyone think..what would you do...definalty getting the gears done so NOS or headers and x-pipe?

Only have a few things done---tri-ax shifter, flowmaster mufflers, minor suspension work and steeda cold air intake...
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Kilgore Trout

Fried or Broiled ?
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Mar 30, 2005
Headers and x-pipe are guaranteed to not destroy your engine... Nitrous, not so much.

Gotta make sure the bottle is filled, buy special colder spark plugs, get custom tune, bunch of switches mounted in your dash, etc, etc

The hell with nitrous...
still confused...definalty gonna get everything done as far as the exhaust goes...have a bunch of people down here that dont own mustangs never have and dont even own a sprts car telling me not to do NOS (most of them tell me the cars fast enough not to do anything) so its kinda hard to listen to these people...thats why the forums great get to talk to actual mustang guys who have done the stuff before...still leaning toward the gears and nitrious and getting the exhaust finished up next month...more input on what you guys would do would be greatly appericated....thanks...

also...i live in south florida dont do a ton of highway driving but make trips to the west coast gonna be going to georgia in a month or so..leaning toward the 3.73 for that reason..