need help

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Look for one that says "GT" on the side... seriously. The fuel economy is only 1 or 2 mpg better with a V6, and the power is much lower. The price is a little higher with a GT, but that's because you are getting a car that will be much more fun. I have a V6 auto, and I am getting about 18 mpg. Guess what I got with my '88 5.0 V8? about 18 mpg. Guess which is more fun to drive?? But if you just have to have a V6, I would say get a 5-speed, and after you buy it, immediately swap the wheels and slap on true dual exhaust. It will sound better, but have about the same power.
the fuel economy all depends on the driver, not the car.. i get 20+ mpg in my v6 auto driving to school 3 days a week and cruising around town the rest of the time, plus the insurance is higher in a newer gt.. and the newer v6's are almost as fast if not faster than the old 5.0's with few upgrades.. a set of springs, exhaust, and wheels, and a rear swaybar, and you can even outhandle a gt through the twisties... but definitely go with the 5-speed, i wish i had, and on 94-98's there are sometimes problems with the headgaskets (i havent had any, but thats what ive heard, mines a 97)