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Mar 19, 2019
San Antonio
Ok, i have a 2006 mustang with the 4.0 and it has only 70k miles, when the car is cold, it fires up and runs like a dream, but as it starts to warm up, it starts to miss and when it is at operating temp it dies and will not restart until it has cooled off,

this car has been previously customized before I got it, it has full custom exhaust with headers, bbk 70mm power plus throttle body, throttle body spacer, Hurst short throw shifter, lambo doors, 24 inch tires in rear, 22 inch tires in front, type 4 ram air hood, body kit, i have replaced the fuel rail pressure sensor, fuel filter, fuel pump driver module, fuel pump, tune up, new plugs and wires, coil has a strong spark, need help


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