Need new leaf springs for 66 GT Convertible


Feb 25, 2010
I have a 66 GT convertible with a 289 (which i believe was souped up to a 302, not sure, just got it a couple months ago).

Each time i go over a bump on the highway, the car dips down and i hear a low-tone screach. i imagine it's the rear wheel hitting the wheel well.

The previous owner placed blue springs around the rear shocks. I don't think this is enough.

From what i can tell, the leaf springs are stock and should be replaced.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Or should i take it to a local Midas shop and let them have at it??

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated !

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The springs are probably sagging. If you are looking for new rear leaf springs, I suggest GT replacement springs. The other spirngs available will likely be too stiff and ride harsh.

Also, Get rid of those springs on the shocks. Anything like that or air shocks is a bad idea. The shock mounts were never intended to support weight.

Does the car have wide tires in the rear?
I have 235 60 15 rear and 215 60 15 front too. The max for the rear for a good fit is really 225 60 15. I have extended shackles on mine so my rear tires don't rub. I'm planning on just running 215 60 15 on the rear too and going back to stock length shackles. Your best bet is probably down sizing the rear tire.