Need quick help used wrong pattern lower intake


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Sep 7, 2005
Yesterday when torquing down the a cobra lower on GT40p heads. I used a center out torque patten to 23 lbs of torque. I now know this is the wrong pattern. Should I redo it? Will I need new gaskets or can I just loosen up the bolts and retorque with the proper sequence. Car still has upper off and hasnt run.
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center out is the right pattern i just went thru this crap on my car all the torque sequences you find on the net is wrong....i went thru like 5 sets of gaskets before i figured it out

it should be done in 3 steps
8ft lbs
16ft lbs
25ft lbs.

9 5 1 3 7 11
----towards the radiator--->
12 6 4 2 8 10
I did it in three steps but the pattern you described is kind of like a star pattern. I torqued the intake just like the head bolts pattern
I hope this makes sense.
According to my Ford factory service manual the sequence is as follows.

There are 6 bolts on each side. Looking at the engine from the front of the car the number 1 bolt will be at the front and left side of the engine. The number 7 bolt will be at the front and right side of the engine. The left side has bolts 1 through 6 and the right side has bolts 7 through 12.

The sequence is:

The sequence you need is listed by Maryland Stang above - here's another similar version of it --- as if you're standing in front of the car looking under the hood; tighten them in the order of the numbers:


You'll see the middle 4 bolts get tightened in an X-pattern LAST; intermediate 4 bolts get tightened in an X-pattern FIRST; and the 4 corners are tightened one end at a time IN BETWEEN the intermediate bolts and the middle bolts.

Use a torque wrench so you don't OVERTIGHTEN them - the castings are fragile. I'd take it to 10 ft-lbs in order; then 15; then a final pass to 18-20.