Engine Need RMS repair sleeve


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Nov 12, 2003
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Anyone have a good part # for the rear main seal repair sleeve. I need to address that issue while the motor is on a stand. I Googled Fel-Pro 16250 and got this. Doesn't look right. Looks like just a rubber O-ring.
Fel-Pro 16250

I went to LMR and searched RMS repair sleeve and got this, which looks correct.
LMR repair sleeve

No way I'm gonna spend $60 for a paper thin piece of SS! Don't need the installation tool when a 4" PVC pipe plug will fill the bill. I'd like to get the Fel-Pro piece but I don't think the 16250 is the correct one. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Nothing against LMR but that repair sleeve is available in most parts stores for, as you can see, for less money.
I think most of the cost of the LMR part is the installation tool. Rock auto shows the Fel-Pro Sleeve for $2.91 and the Fel-Pro Install tool for $45.79! :eek:

They also have a Victor-Reinz Tool for $28.79.

The Fel-Pro 16250 is the right sleeve, I used one on my car a few years ago. That picture of it in the listing is garbage. The sleeve actually looks like the picture in the LMR link.

EDIT: Rock Auto has several sleeves that included the installation tool for around ~$30. Probably the same part that LMR sells for $60. Like karthief, I don't have anything against LMR, but sometimes they sell parts store grade stuff for a significant markup. Unless it is a ford part or one they reproduce, always price check LMR against rock auto or your local parts store.
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The fel-pro sleeve picture is the worst picture ever. I used the sleeve, it looks like your expect. Their photo is taken edge on not showing the side profile.

No knock on LMR but most of their items are repackaged parts store items at a large markup. Their customer service is top notch for sure, but they have a 50% markup on many of the parts you can get on autozone or even Amazon.

I bought the Felpro sleeve install tool of Amazon and returned it. The tool I got looked like it was used as well, so I imagine I wasn’t the only one playing the Amazon prime tool rental program.
Let us know how it works out..Lots of leaking RMS's around here, including mine. Not enough reviews. If I'm going to go thru all that work it would be nice to have a good chance at success.
I just ordered the Fel-Pro 16250 from RockAuto. $7.50 shipped. Thanks everyone!
I’ve used that p/n before with success. I was able to install one without the tool, just used a flat piece of phenolic and gently hammered it in, taking care to make sure I was square on it.