Need some help, car running like crap.


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Dec 7, 2004
Philly, PA
I need some help, I tried searching first but didnt find anything. My 87 Gt has been misfiring for a while now but its only getting worse. I had a fresh tune up about a month ago thinking that would fix the problem but it didnt. The car misfires at all different times, sometimes on quick revs or if I try to launch it will give a huge pop from under the hood and it feels like it loses all power and then all of sudden picks up and goes and there was another time when I was just cruising in 4th and tried to floor it and BOOM. The timing is good I know that and it has fresh plugs,wires,rotor & cap,fuel filter and pcv valve. I asked my mechanic what he thought and he told me its gonna be a tough fix because it doesnt do it all the time, I think hes just lazy and doesnt wanna look. Im really starting to get fraustrated because I wanted to run the car soon but I cant cause of stupid crap like this. Can somebody give me like a checklist of some other things I can check to get rid of this problem or atleast locate it. I appreciate any help you guys can give, Thanks.
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Oct 17, 2004
Woodward Ave.
Have you checked the codes in the computer? Do a search for the word 'code' and you should get an instruction manual on how to do it. It is very useful in determining the area of your motor that is causing your problems.


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Dec 20, 2004
B.C. Canada
just a thought but take your valve covers off and see if as you turn your car over by hand if any valves stay down. just thinking about your boom. if that was a backfire through intake then maybe a intake valve is sticking. since it is speratic this may not work to see if one is sticking.


Dec 16, 2002
Huntsville, AL
I would suspect the TFI module on the distributor. I beleive most autoparts stores can test those, although I'm not sure the test can simulate the heat involved under operating conditions. If the TFI tests okay, I would suspect the Hall Effect components inside the distributor. The distributor has to be disassembled to replace these, so you may want to consider a rebuilt distributor at that point.