need some quick questions...

Mar 31, 2005
need some quick answers...

hope this is tech enough for ya...i was gonna go out real soon to pick up "the stuff" since this is my firts day off from umass finals and i was gonna go to a car show today, the only problem is i have those crazy swirl marks from years of washing my black (1994) GT... is tere anything i can use to get rid of these so my paint is like glass? asides from the porter cable option...(maybe zino etc...) also if i use zaino what is it...a wax, a sealant, in place of or in addition to wax? need some quick answers if ya can, thanks
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zaino is basically a polish and wax. and it will probably not take out the swirl marks. and you have to order it online. the good ol meguires clay bay and 3 step system are in order. any local auto parts store will carry these.
I agree, start with the clay bar and three step system. Do NOT do circular motions either as they will make it worse. Get a orbital polisher and use the polish in the three step really well and you'll be impressed with the results.