need starter help


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Jan 28, 2001
i have a new starter, new battery, i've tested the alternator and i've checked out the wires leading to the starter to the relay, and the relay is new.

i cannot figure out why my car won't start. you hear the relay click but nothing happens. and sometimes it just starts up. i can't figure it out.

<venting on> and it never freaking starts when i need it to start the most heh. i've about had it with this car and i wish someone would steal it. of course no one can cause it won't start. but i bet it would start for them. <venting off>
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Do you have a test light or volt meter? if so, at the starter relay check for power on the wire going to the starter with the key in the "start" position, of course youll need a helper to do this, might take a look at your negative battery cable too, especially where it attaches to the block
here is a picture of what i am looking at.


Yellow box: What is that?

Blue box: What is that?

Green box: that wire is connected to the ground lead off the battery.

Orange box: the ground lead off the battery was firmly in place.

there are 2 wires on the starter itself. a small wire (ground?) and a larger black wire which goes to the relay. i can't see where that little black one is going to.

now on the relay the long red wire is connected to the battery the long black wire to the right with red ends is connected to the starter.

also the car would sometimes start 10 times consistently then all the sudden not ever start just make a clicking noise....

i'll get back to you guys after i do some multimeter testing.
its a 93. and the solenoid is on the starter. i bought a brand new starter so yeah the solenoid is new. i dont think power is getting down to the starter...thats the only possible explanation for it to not turn. its stopping at the relay somewhere.... maybe the connection is loose on the solenoid. i'm still waiting on my dad to get home to help me test it with a meter.