Need to be in debt with something else..


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Nov 20, 2006
Seattle, Washington
OK so I have a bike and owe like 8g's on it. Its a 2006 Kawasaki 636 and No one will buy it Becuase one, i dont have the title, and 2 cuz if you get a bike loan from a bank here in washington you have to insure the bike, Which is really pricy out here (also if you didnt know here in washington you dont have to have insurance on your bike)

So what other options do i even have?:shrug:
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Feb 19, 2007
Sacramento CA
I'll probably get in trouble for saying this but oh well.

If the bike is insured have someone make it disapear for you get the insurance money and pay off the remainder of the loan.

or you could sell it to a dealership for maybe 6gs and pay the other 2 out of pocket


Feb 17, 2003
Auburn Washington
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probably going to need to start saving up money and put the sale price lower than 8g. Probably 6,500 and then take your 1,500 bucks and send it in with the other guys money and wait for the title and give it to him.

I lucked out and the guy that bought my bike took the bike without the title and paid for it so I overnighted a check to the bank and as soon as I got the title I called him and we met up.

What are you going to buy?

Or you could get yourself a credit card for balance transfers and transfer the loan from HSBC to your new card. Then you would have the title. And then when you find buyer, sell it to them that day with the title and then take his money and put it on your credit card or blow it, whatever you wanna do.


New Member
Nov 20, 2006
Seattle, Washington
Well Iam not going to have someone make the bike "Disapear" (not to say i didnt think of it lol)

But maybe i will see if i can do what Tubro92pgt said and transfer my loan from Kawi onto a 0% credit card, or at least a lower percent (mine right now is 6.9 which isnt to bad) and then as he said, have title in hand and sell it for less and pay off the rest. Not matter what i know iam going to take a hit on it, but hey, live and learn right?:bang:
Jan 31, 2004
Fort Wayne, IN
Note to everyone else.

If you need to take a loan out on a second car, a bike, a jet ski, a boat, etc. You cant afford it so dont buy it.

Ah the good old days of cash transactions.
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