Need to work out my bumpsteer.

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I was hoping that the MM c/c plates would fix it. I noticed the install instructions have a setup for lowered cars that has the spacer lengthening the suspension. It said it was for a certain type of shock and I'm wondering if it will work with the 03 shock/strut. I was going to get the bumpsteer kit but my acura blew its headgasket and will be taking most of my funds for the next few months.
The kit will come with numerous different thickness spacers. You will need to measure the amount of bumpsteer to be able to set the correct array of spacers, or use lots of trial and error.
The CC kit settings are based on ride height, not the shock/ struts. Your springs and how low they are determine the spacer stackup. Check the instructions again just in case I'm wrong.
The bumpsteer happens when the tierods arent even with the A arms but can also be caused by improper alignment.
I'd be surprised to hear your spacers were in wrong but it can happen. I hope you can get things figured out.:nice: Wish I could help. :shrug: :flag:
Yea, the C/C plates are installed correctly (thanks to greg's expertise). I just noticed the install instructions mentioned switching the spacers for another aftermarket shock. Was just hoping that it might work for the 03 OEM's, but that's just the noob in me hoping for an easy fix. Looks like its a MM bumpsteer kit sometime in the early summer.
the cc plates wont fix bumpsteer, all those control are you camber and caster adjustments. With the bumpsteer kits the basic idea is to get the tie rods as close to level with the rack and pinion as possible, my 98gt was lowered so far that even with the steeda bumpsteer kit and all the shims in place the tie rods were still angled way the hell up. If I remember right the MM kit has a bit more adjustment than the steeda kit so I'd go with that one.
Remember when you install the shocks and struts on my car? I had new MM C/C plates, 03/04 shocks and struts and the MM rear poly isos's. So i have the aftermarket ones.

Of course I remember! :D Thats why I'm asking. I installed the plates per MMs instructions, the same way I did my own car. I didnt have a problem at all w/ bumpsteer so thats why I'm curious. Just want to make sure I didnt cause any problems. :nice:
yea, I think it's because I'm using the 17" rims and the sports springs. Your install is perfect. Funny thing is that the rear is level (not sure if the poly iso's fixed this or if it was even before those were installed) while the front is defentitly off by 2" or so (I have the rubber stock iso's there). But I have read that the sports springs will cause this issue and normally require the bumpsteer fix.

Just got the DD car fixed so I'll be looking at ordering the MM bumpsteer kit in the next month or so.
What do you mean 2" off? From side to side, the gap from the wheel well?
2" is a huge difference!
Has anything changed form the time I did the install?
You dont have the stock isos in the front. The front lowers were removed but you still have the stock uppers.