Never Again


Feb 3, 2011
So, I allowed my brother to borrow my 01 GT vert to run to and from work while I was away for a week, I got back two days ago and find that it feels "wobbly". Having a lot to deal with right now I make a mental note of it and continue until this morning when I ask him if anything happened while I was away. He informs me that after a rain on night he hydroplaned and the right side slid into a curb, upon further inspection the bumper cover is cracked pretty badly underneath and right side fog is now being held in with duct tape :notnice:. I've already got a lead on a new bumper cover same color as mine, and will be ordering new fogs in a day or so. Question is what damage could've been done by this? I've driven it for two days now, so I doubt anything serious, I'm thinking probably just needs an alignment now. Opinions? (BTW, he won't be driving the car again, ever. LOL)
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Oct 10, 2000
Chesterfield, MO

Your brother needs a whuppin'. That aside, it is good to hear that the accident was not worse.

Tie-rod could be bent, alignment is definitely not right now, and you should check the wheel for cracks. Also, a hard knock can unseat the tire bead and cause a slow leak. Keep an eye on the pressure for a week. Actually, I suggest that you get it into an alignment shop soon so you don't wear the tire prematurely.




Feb 3, 2011
Nope, he won't be covering anything. That's how he is. I'll get it fixed and then it'll be me and me alone who drives the car.


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Apr 1, 2004
Dunedin, FL
Nope, he won't be covering anything. That's how he is. I'll get it fixed and then it'll be me and me alone who drives the car.
He wrecks your car, doesn't tell you about it until you question him, and then refuses to, at least, assist in paying for the repairs? Brother or not, he wouldn't be walking too well after this crap.


Jun 22, 2006
Modesto, CA
It seems like every week there is another thread where someone let someone else drive thier Mustang and they wreck it. When will you people learn?


Oct 4, 2011
What a jack ass! I would get a quote from a repair shop and tell him he will pay you that amount or take him to court. He WILL do this to you or another family member again if you let him walk from this. You might lose money, but it sounds like he needs to learn a lesson.

Best of luck to you.
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