New 300 dollar beater! (56k warning) And update on things...


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Jul 7, 1999
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I picked her up for 300 dollars from my Boss (service manager at the dealership I work at) Runs GREAT!!! AC blows cold!!! She only needs a drivers side window and new power window switches for the drivers side. Its a 1995 Avenger ES V6. With every single option available in 95. Factory 6 speaker stereo. Which didnt sound too bad. But most of my stereo is already wired in. Which is an old kenwood 300 watt amp powering my kicker 6.5's in the door and kenwood tweeters in the dash. Stock speakers for now in back. I also have soundstream 900 watt amp pushing a single 10 inch Kicker Comp VR in a sealed box. Mods for now only consist of a custom intake. Muffler and pulley will soon be purchased.

Onto the update. The thunderbird TurboCoupe should be out of my garage and sold by the time most of you read this. Decided I want to go a different route since I already have a turbo 4. So I am debating which route to take all will be pricey because of how fast I am planning. But either a 351 based 427 twin turbo stroker or 6.8 V10 turbo and if I dont do that then a 460 turbo. If you noticed I plan on staying turbo... dunno just feels right and like the thing to do :banana: But I dont need 2 turbo 4 5spds. Since the cordia will be easily faster than the mustang 2.3T I will build a V8 or V10 turbo. The Avenger is my daily driver and dont plan on her ever being faster than 15's (she is currently a 16 second 1/4 beast!)

But for those of you wondering where the hell I have been I figured I would post up.
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Shes not a bad car I am actually trying to sell her right now for a mustang 5.0L
I have gotten 2 1800 dollar offers and one 2400 dollar offer. But no one has come by and looked at it yet. Here is a current pic or 2.