New B&M Auto Shifter


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Jun 29, 2006
Has anyone installed the new automatic console shifter from B&M. Here's a link.

I just saw this listed for the first time in the new Jeg's catalog. I'd certainly be interested in this because I don't really like the feel of the stock shifter, and it's a pain in the ass to shift through the gears yourself because it has no positive stops.

I think the B&M looks pretty good, and says it has the B&M ratchet action.

I'm wondering if anyone has already installed it, and has some better pictures of it in their car.
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I wonder if the ball is interchangable?

I like the idea of these and a ratchet shifter could make life more tolerable for when needed at the track. Since our autos let us select each gear.

Man, this might be worth getting just to try, if it's bunk, well, then at least I know. :D
Yes, i am the one with B&M and now Hurst as well. The mustang auto shifter is not released yet and due to the acquisition of the Hurst brand it has been put on hold until we get everything moved, sorted out and the like. We intend to finish and release the project, but a timeline for release has not been set yet....