new belt screech on startup?


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May 18, 2006
longwood, FL
well i put my shorter belt since i am deleting smog pump, and every startup it screeches does this mean its to loose? it only happens on start up
its a dayco 89" belt if that has any thing to do with it?:shrug:
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I don't know about belt size. When I removed my smog stuff and installed underdrive pullies, I had someone hold the tensioner out all the way while I routed the old belt through the system. I then cut it to length and measured it to find the correct size. It hasn't squeled on me yet, nice and quite.:nice:
Mine does that too, and from what I've seen yes it is loose that is why it squeals.

I've watched it during startup and that sound is the belt actually coming off at the tensioner my car only seems to do it when it is cold even had the belt come off when it is cold twice now. But after it warms up it doesn't seem to be a issue. :shrug: