New Best Time at FFW Orlando


Founding Member
Jan 12, 2000
Ocean Springs MS
My 82 continues to amaze me! Seems like I keep learning new ways of going faster. This time, it was believing the Proform shift light instead of the stock tach. Shifting by the light at 5900 rpm on the light, vice the tach, gave me a new best time, 12.89 at 105, all motor. The tach was showing over 6 at the same time. Not a huge gain, but with no changes, and a year's more use!

This is with my 20 year old shortblock, with exactly the same combo in the car as a year ago, during time trials for Quick Ford. These things are tough!

The 7.5 in axle is still in there too! (fingers crossed on this one!)

Great weekend!

And AFR's are on order!
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