new bests for bolt-on GT

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Sep 23, 2002
okay, well previous best is the first run, the next three are from today at speedworld, it was really weird getting used to semi-sticky tires(nittos) i dont think i was coming out nearly hard enough. obviously looking at sixty foots, but i think i can get my high 12 because i have a lot more left in the launch, although i was kinda mad i didnt hit a 13.1, i was happy to get real close and have a nice mph. the last run i rode out the clutch and by the time i was off of it, i was at around 6k, and instantly shifted into second, that run felt really good and obviously it showed.

its really funny though, how close the stock tires run is to my nitto run, both std and corrected. i think i hit 4th a little quicker today though and that helped me get to my 104 mph, i am hoping to get some pro-stars next week with some really sticky tires, so if i cant get it on drag radials it will happen on e/t drags.

heres the chart
R/T 0.728 1.033 0.575 0.825
60' 1.940 1.968 1.955 1.926
330' 5.542 5.764 5.604 5.522
1/8 mile 8.517 8.831 8.610 8.500
1/8 mile trap 82.700 80.530 82.070 82.340
1000' 11.085 11.454 11.194 11.070
1/4 mile 13.257 13.658 13.373 13.239
1/4 mile trap 103.770 102.540 103.510 104.020
Race Weight 3350 3350 3350 3350
Corrected 1/4' 13.22 13.7 13.38 13.2
Corrected trap 104.09 102.23 103.45 104.35
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Nov 29, 1999
H Town
looks right on with my car. I made a bit more power, (264/299) than you, but also had 3.73's witch killed my trap and ET a bit because I had just shifted before I crossed the traps. I also cut a 1.92 sixty foot on my 13.19 run. Are you guys with the newer Romeo blocks making better power than the 99-00 cars? It seems like all of you guys hp numbers are real high for the mods you have compared to the earlier PI cars.