new clutch and it won't engage?


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May 22, 2005
Alright, I just installed a new world class and a King cobra clutch and the clutch will not engage. The car had a c4 in it from the kid that I bought it from and it sucked. He had left the clutch peddle and some huge ass alluminum quadrant. So after the install the car would barley start to roll. I took the stock cheapo cable out and it looks like the cable is too short and will not let the fork release the clutch. Any suggestions would be great!:shrug:
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I wonder if you have an old FRPP quadrant. They often wont work with the stock non-adjustable cable (they require the FRPP adjustable cable).

When I swapped out my SVO quad, I wanted to see how close a stock cable would get, and it was about an inch too short. The SVO quad has a real long throw on the quadrant, and requires more cable length than the stock cable can deliver.

I know you have parts on the car already, but with the hodge podge of parts on there and what is happening, it was worth mentioning.

Good luck.

Went to Mustangs Unlimited today and picked up a Ford motorsports adjustable cable with a double hook quadrant and firewall adjuster. I will install it tomorrow, hopefully solving this problem.

Installed the kit, but it is a fine line when the clutch will smoke and not smoke. should the fork rest all the way against the bell housing when disengaged. I am going to try and take off the fire wall adjuster and go to the furthest notch on the quadrant.
Oh heres something off subject but a victory for me. I passed emissions with just cats and no smog pump. With flying colors too.:)

You need an adjustable cable and firewall adjuster .
Pro 5.0 in Kenilworth, NJ has a nice clutch cable and quadrant with the aluminum firewall adjuster, not just shifters, in stock!!
you need the firewall adjuster and put the cable on the first hook on the quadrant . Snug the clutch arm forward until you feel the throw out bearing resting up against the fingers on the pressure plate then adjust the cable by hand under the car by locking the 2 nuts together , use the firewall adjuster to take any leftover slack out of the cable .