New Daily Beater

93 R-Code

Oct 19, 2001
My x-mas gift to myself. This is my first “new” GM product and the only practical vehicle I could find that still goes like hell. It’s really fun to drive but Chevy has this thing torque managed to death (glad to see ford isn’t the only auto maker doing it). Some tuning should work wonders.

Message to Ford:
If you would have built either the Adrenalin or Lightning concepts I would not be driving a GM product right now.


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that thing really ran 13.7?

A guys sig over on clubgp that has a TBSS

06'TrailBlazer SS- CAI, 3400Vig, UD, E-Fans, DR's- 12.54@107+ 1.67 60'

I dunno if that is all his mods i'm assuming it is maybe some PCM tuning but i'm not sure. And his is 2wd too.

Nice truck though, i don't like the price tag on them which is why i don't have one.