New Engine


New Member
Mar 10, 2007
got a new engine today, will be tearing it compleatly down. Its a 351W, was going thinking about a 408W stroker motor with this. I know it will fit in the car and I need a few other things to do the swaq. But I just thought I would share. So can I still keep it F.I., I do not want to go to carb setup, will it work with the ecm curently in the car, motor was complete. Any pro's or con's about this motor? Its from an 88 F-250 :D
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dont know about the pro's or cons on the motor, but you will need a diff hood, and headers. I have seen many people keep the stock ecm I would assume your going to need bigger injectors and a custom tune, but deff. stick with EFI, carbernators SUCK.

Good luck CI are king