New Guy Pics of Car Inside


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Mar 17, 2008
Fort Wayne In
Howdy y'all. Been lurking awhile thought I would finally post and show off my ride.









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Thanks for the kind words guys. I need to freshen up those rotors a bit. Notice the rusty look on them. I sanded them down this winter but first wash and it came right back. I guess I need to paint them somehow. Also gonna get 5% tint here in the coming weeks. :nice:
It's going to look :drool: with the 5% tint!

Stick around! We may be a little slow on the site at the moment, but it'll pick up as the months progress and the weather warms up. While you're here, check out our upcoming event, Midwest Mustang Madness, September 20 & 21. Several StangNet Staff members including myself are attending, and it should be a great time!
Man, that is one sweet looking ride you've got!
For the rotors, I got a can of zinc paint (galvanizing) at the hardware store and painted the rotor hubs that way. I did it last May, and they still look as good as the day I painted them. And heat isn't an issue, it even withstood the heat from 6 quick laps around a 3-mile road race course.

Thanks for all the kind words guys. Tail Lights shine through pretty good. I can get a few pics in a couple of days of it.

As far as engine mods, just bolts ons. Throttle body, mass air, headers, full exhaust, underdrive pullies, 3.73's, eibach pro's, steeda tri ax. More to come soon tho.

5% tint is coming in a week or two also.
Really sharp man! Glad you stopped lurking and joined the foolery!

I haven't been posting much as of the past few months, but that car just made me have to say something!

Congrats again...