New Halos For 05/06 stangs

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Take day/night shots as soon as you get them. I've seen those on ebay for a while. I like those better than the chrome. If you take away the turn signal, halo, chrome ring on the bottom light, and of course paint the bar inbetween. even if that alone was done. It would look just like the lights on the gtr... i'm not saying you should do that. I just don't see how those are rice?? Are you going to put HID's in them now, since you'll have a projector?? I think its dumb when people put them in hologen housings
Personally I can't believe anyone would want to "Rice" out a mustang.:notnice: :nonono:
I would rather be hung my toenails than put anything like that on a Pure AMERICAN muscle car.

Just my opinion, not evryone has taste I guess.:shrug:
I just got a catalog from Moss Mustang and they had a pic of the headlights installed:


Here is a link to the page:


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Well they have just arrived and I may not be installing them any time soon. Apparently this is no info on how to unistall the factory lamp housing...and my two ford dealers in town say I might have to remove the whole fn front facia. Plus the instructions are not clear at all on how to install the new lights...