New Member Stock 1997 Svt Cobra Convertible - Low End Na Torque Mods With Roots Later..


Mar 31, 2017
Corpus Christi, Texas
This will be my daily driver for many years and will likely never see a track. I just want to hustle.

What I want out of it:

Low end torque. I want off the line with a high, flat power band. I dont need to go 200 mph.

The path I want to follow looks like this:

Naturally aspirated until it can't really be improved upon, but keeping in mind that a roots blower is the ultimate goal. While I REALLY don't want to lose that intake manifold cover, I just might have to if I cant ever find someone who makes a centri that can do what I want down low.

I'm new at this, so forgive my newbie level of knowledge. I have been reading about this car off and on for a couple of years and now that I have an idea of how I want this to progress I am reaching out for advice and experience.

Fuel system and suspension are all going to get the royal treatment. Assuming ported heads, cold air intake, pulleys, compensating accessories (bigger alternator/water pump upgrade), forged internals.. what combo of headers, compression, transmission, and rear end will harmonize and terrorize at the same time?

Long tube high flow catted xpipe, deep dish pistons, a six speed tranny, and 4.10s?

Shortys, more conservative compression, a magnum, and.. what gears?

I can see a matrix forming here. I'd love to hear about everyone's setup on these Teksids. One day I'd like to stroke it out and put it in an old car, but that's after I've had my fun with it and its time to pass it down to my boy.
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